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  A man named Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) was killed along with his fiancée, Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas), who was also raped by a gang of street thugs who broke into their apartment on "Devil's Night" (October 30). One year later, he is resurrected by a crow to come back and set the wrong things right.

[edit] Setting
It is never explicitly stated in which city the film takes place, and almost all aerial shots are actually miniatures overlaid with CG elements. Several clues and references throughout the film point toward its being set in Detroit: Devil's Night is culturally associated with the Detroit area; in an early bar scene T-Bird refers to his gang as "Motor-city motherfuckers" and Detroit is commonly known as "The Motor City" due to its main industry of car manufacturing. T-Bird mentions that "Lake Erie caught on fire once from all the crap floating around in it." Detroit is located at the western end of Lake Erie. Additionally, in the sequel's novelization Sarah makes references several times to having lived in Detroit. This may or may not be considered canon however.

[edit] Changes from the comic book
Eric is given the last name Draven (possibly drawn from a scene in the comic revealing Eric's last initial as either 'C' or 'D', though it is also possible that it is a pun on the words, "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, from which he also recites a few lines, or Eric de Raven) and is portrayed by Lee as a rock guitarist, while Shelly is portrayed as an artist and a lawyer. In the comic, Eric's surname is never stated, nor is his (or Shelly's) career life before his rebirth.
The two are murdered in their home during the violence and chaos of Devil's Night, the day before their wedding on Halloween. In the comic, the chain of events leading to Eric's rebirth as The Crow occurs when his car breaks down off of the highway, and the gang (Who were stoned at the time) attack Eric and rape Shelly.
The gang of criminals responsible for Eric and Shelly's death were working for a larger crime syndicate which ordered Shelly's death in retaliation for fighting tenant eviction in a neighborhood it controlled; whereas in the comic, the encounter happened on the highway, and Eric and Shelly are attacked by the gang after they come across them while they're stoned.
Some characters were also changed:

in the comic, Sarah (Sherri in the comic), played by Rochelle Davis, is a street urchin Eric doesn't meet until after his rebirth, and only features twice; once, when Eric found her outside of Funboys' house and gives her Shelly's engagement ring, and the second time when he returns to her to say goodbye because of a promise he made to her. For the film the character was recast as his and Shelley's best friend and surrogate daughter, and has a considerably more important role then in the comic.
Top Dollar, played by Michael Wincott, went from a low-level drug dealer to a powerful crime lord who un-officially runs the city, and has T-Bird's gang perform serivices for him. Also, in the comic, Top Dollar is one of the first to be killed by Eric, and the true leader of the gang is obviously T-Bird. Interestingly enough, many have noticed that Top Dollar's appearance in the film closely resemble's T-Bird's in the comic (and vice-versa).
Officer Albrecht, played by Ernie Hudson, went from a beat cop unimportant to the story to Eric's main (non-supernatural) ally. In the comic, Albrecht also seems to be a caucasian, whereas in the film, he is African American. By the end of the comic, Eric leaves him a request to watch after Sherri ("Sarah" in the film) before he finishes his work.
Eric and Shelly's murderers went from being just a gang of vicious thugs who committed the murders for fun to members of a crime syndicate that unofficially runs the city.
In the comic, Gabriel the cat originally belonged to an old lady whom Tin Tin murders at the beginning of the story, and Eric later adopts as an aniversary gift to Shelly ("You always said you wanted a cat"). In the movie, Gabriel already belongs to Eric and Shelly. Also, in the film, Gabrial continued to live in the (Now condemned) home of Eric and Shelly, and is presumably left to Sarah and Albrecht at the end of the film; in the comic, Eric leaves Gabrial to Capt. Hook after he burns down his home, with a note revealing that Gabrial was actually a female, and expecting kittens.
Shelby the Giant does appear in the film, albeit in a rather different role. In the comic, Eric cuts off three of his fingers to gain information about the gang members, and forces him to swallow them after he refuses to talk; he is subsequently killed with a shotgun by Eric near the end of the comic series. In the film, he serves as Top Dollar's second-hand, and is shot down by Albrecht in the church.
In the film, along with the subsequent sequels, the Crow that follows Eric never says a word, but acts as Eric's "second eyes" helping him to scope out T-Bird's crew. In all of The Crow comic series, the magical Crow is clearly able to communicate with the protagonist, guiding them along the way as well as serving as a goad to keep them on track.
In the film, we actually see Eric applying his Crow face make-up; this is never shown in the comic series (although in several of the other spin-off series, such as The Crow: Flesh and Blood, the protagonist is shown putting on make-up).
In the comic book, Eric's preferred weapons of choice are a pair of firearms that he takes from the various gang membembers along the way, as well as a large cache of ("legitamite of course") weaponry at Gideon's pawn shop. Although Eric does use guns throughout the movie several times, he seems more then capable of finishing off Top-Dollar's lackeys without them.
In the comic, Eric kills Gideon by shooting him several times ("So much for the single bullet theory") before burning down the pawn shop. In the film, he allows Gideaon to survive the encounter in order to relate a message to T-Bird's crew; in the comic, he actually has Funboy do this in return for the promise of a painless death.
A character specific to the film is Top-Dollar's psychotic "sister", who is murdered by the actual Crow when it plucks out her eyes, causing her to fall down from the top of the church.
Eric's main outlet in the film is a song he wrote for Shelly that he plays on an electric guitar he takes from Gideon's pawn shop. In the comic, Eric perofrms acts of self-mutilation as an outlet for his frustration.

[edit] Brandon Lee's death
See also: Brandon Lee
On March 31, 1993, eight days were left before shooting of the film was to be completed. The scene being filmed involved Lee's character Eric Draven walking into his apartment and witnessing the brutal rape of his fiancée by thugs. Lee's character would then have been shot and killed along with his fiancée by the thugs. As the scene was being filmed, Brandon Lee was killed after Michael Massee (who played the villain Funboy) fired the gun at Lee as intended. The bullet unseated from a dummy round was lodged in the barrel of the handgun. The bullet was not noticed and the gun was loaded with a blank cartridge. When the blank was fired, the bullet shot out and hit Lee in the abdomen.[1] After Lee's death, a stunt double, Chad Stahelski replaced Lee in some scenes to complete the film. Special effects were used for digitally compositing Lee's face onto the double.

The original footage featuring Lee's actual death was destroyed immediately, without even being developed.

[edit] Soundtracks
The original soundtrack album for The Crow featured songs from the movie, and was a chart-topping album. It included work by The Cure, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, and Pantera. The Crow Score consisted of original, mostly orchestral music, with some electronic/guitar elements written for the motion picture by Graeme Revell.

The bands Medicine and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult also make small appearances in the film, on stage in the nightclub below Top Dollar's 'headquarters'.

Nine Inch Nails perform a cover of the Joy Division song "Dead Souls".

[edit] Trivia
Michael Berryman originally played the part of "Skull Cowboy", an angel of death who explains his powers and mission to the protagonist. After Brandon Lee's death, the script had to be rewritten and Berryman's scenes were deleted.
The name Eric Draven is an anagram for "Raven Cried". Coincedentally, in the second movie, The Crow: City of Angels, the character's name, Ashe Corven, is an anagram for "Raven Echos".
The physical appearance of the character Gideon in the comic was based on Jon Polito, who subsequently played the character in the film adaptation. In the movie he even wears the same ballcap as in the comics, a black baseball-cap with the word "GIDS" spelled on it.
In the original screenplay, there was a character called the Skull Cowboy who acts as Eric's guardian angel, telling him exactly why he has come back, what he must do, and played an integral part in the final story line. According to the original screenplay, the reason Eric lost his powers is because he had finished what he came to do: get revenge on Shelly's and his own death. The Skull Cowboy tells him this when he returns to his grave, and stands on the steps of the church before he enters warning him he is now vulnerable. However, they decided to cut the character, and put more emphasis on the bird as a power link. The Skull Cowboy's character was later recycled on The Crow: Stairway to Heaven acting as a guide in the Land of the Living for souls in limbo.
Professional wrestler Sting admits to his face paint being inspired by The Crow.
In the South Park Episode Hell on Earth 2006 Satan forbids anyone from dressing as 'the Crow', then appears dressed as 'the Crow' himself.

[edit] Awards
The film won the 1995 BMI Film Music Award, from the BMI Film & TV Awards. It also won the 1995 MTV Movie Award for Best Movie Song ("Big Empty" by Stone Temple Pilots). It was nominated for the 1995 MTV Movie Awards for Best Movie and posthumously to Brandon Lee for Best Male Performance.

[edit] Cast
Brandon Lee as Eric Draven
Rochelle Davis as Sarah
Ernie Hudson as Sergeant Albrecht
Michael Wincott as Top Dollar
Bai Ling as Myca
Sofia Shinas as Shelly Webster
Anna Levine as Darla
David Patrick Kelly as T-Bird
Angel David as Skank
Laurence Mason as Tin Tin
Michael Massee as Funboy
Tony Todd as Grange
Jon Polito as Gideon, Pawn Shop Owner
James O'Barr as Robber      



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